9 DIY Survival Weapons – Resourcefulness in Nature

Knowing how to think on your feet and out of the box is an important skill to have in an SHTF situation.  When a problem or situation arises, being able to think creatively to make things from what you have or scavenged is invaluable.

Not everyone has an EDC knife or tactical pen on them when SHTF. So you have to get creative.

Here are some things others have created to help you get started with your own ideas.

1. DIY Caltrops

These are great improvised Caltrops.  Simple, effective, and easy to make.

2. Survival Knife

If you don’t have a knife on you when the SHTF, you could always make one out of stone, bone, glass, or metal.  To make a Survival Knife yourself takes a lot of hard work and time but is possible.

3. Survival Spear

A Spear is a simple enough concept for a weapon.  Just beware of the wood and other objects you choose as some don’t make for good spears.

4. Survival Club

A Survival Club can be made out of any blunt object.  However, some nails driven into a solid Oak Tree branch with the nail heads removed has the makes of an awesome club weapon.

5. Pipe Gun

Pipe Gun

A Pipe Gun is very dangerous to use but could be very handy in an SHTF situation.

6. DIY Pummel Pipe Melee Weapon

This DIY Pipe Weapon is simple, inexpensive to make, and deadly.

7. DIY Arrowhead From A Spoon

This is a great DIY Arrowhead From A Spoon tutorial.

8. The Disaster Bat (Saw Blade Slinger)

What an awesome and menacing DIY Weapon!

9. DIY Flamethrower

This DIY Flamethrower is crazy!  If you decide to make your own be careful not to blow yourself up.