9 DIY Survival Weapons – Resourcefulness in Nature

How to make diy survival weapons

Knowing how to think on your feet and out of the box is an important skill to have in an SHTF situation.  When a problem or situation arises, being able to think creatively to make things from what you have or scavenged is invaluable. Not everyone has an EDC knife or tactical pen on them when SHTF. So you … Read more

11 Hacks on How To Remove a Splinter – Without Using Tweezers

Splinter Removal Hacks

Getting a splinter is no picnic. A sharp sliver of wood lodged under your skin will ruin your day whether it’s painful or not. Thankfully the good folks at Survival Life, Nature Hacks, and The Healthy Home Economist came up with some pretty nifty ways to remove a splinter. Let’s check them out. 11 Ways … Read more

How To Make and Use a Rock Sling – Shepherd’s Sling

Make a Shepherds Sling

Unlike a lot of the defensive EDC gear you see today, the sling was an important siege and attack weapon to many ancient armies. In fact, in the classical Greek period, stingers and archers supported the infantry by attacking at long range to expose weaknesses. The traditional hand sling deploys a smooth stone, roughly the size … Read more