How to Make a Bow Drill for Primitive Fire Starting

How to Make a Bow Drill for Primitive Fire Starting

Hey there! If you’ve ever found yourself bitten by the wilderness bug, you might know a thing or two about the joys of a crackling campfire. But have you ever tried starting one from scratch? I mean, really from scratch—using a bow drill. It’s like stepping into a time machine and grabbing hold of an … Read more

How Do You Choose the Right Camping Blanket for Backpacking?

How Do You Choose the Right Camping Blanket for Backpacking

As someone who’s pitched more tents than I can count and spent more nights under the open sky than in my own bed, I’ve got to say, picking the right camping blanket is way more important than it sounds. It’s not just another item on your packing list; it’s your barrier against the chilly night … Read more

8 Ideas You Can Steal from Primitive Weapons: Mastering the Art of Survival

Primitive Weapons

While any ordinary object like a stick or a rock can be used as a weapon, history shows us that with a little creativity, the resources around us can create some pretty powerful tools. A weapon is any device used with the intent to inflict damage or harm to a living being, structure, or system. … Read more

How to Make Fire Starter Tinder Step by Step Guide – Secrets of Starting a Fire

Fire Starter Tinder

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to start a fire, but don’t know how? In this article, you’ll get an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to create your own fire starter tinder. Learn the secrets of starting a fire quickly and safely. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to … Read more

How To Make and Use a Rock Sling – Shepherd’s Sling

Make a Shepherds Sling

A rock sling, also known as a shepherd’s sling, is an ancient weapon dating back to Biblical times. It consists of a simple pouch, with two strings attached to the pouch that are used to twirl the pouch in order to hurl stones at an enemy. Early societies used it as a hunting and warfare … Read more

How To Disarm Someone With a Gun – Self-Defense Moves

Nick Drossos has a channel on YouTube where he teaches personal self-defense.  In this video, he shows us what to do when someone comes at you with a gun at point-blank range. The truth is most of these fancy techniques don’t work in reality. You cannot calculate and predict an entire sequence of defense (especially against an … Read more

How To Make a DIY Cheese Grater

Make a DIY Cheese Grater

Let’s say you’re about to do some campfire cooking and have everything you need to make your favorite delicious trail tacos except for shredded cheese. Don’t worry, if you’ve got a soda or beer can, we can turn that block of Cheddar into shredded cheese. How To Make a DIY Cheese Grater 1. Empty Can and Punch Holes In One … Read more