How To Make a Primitive Survival Spear – Four Prong Spear Step by Step

A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft, usually of wood and a pointed head. The head may be the sharpened end of the shaft itself, it may be fire-hardened, or it may be an attached piece of flint, obsidian, iron, steel or bronze.

Along with the ax, knife, and club, it is one of the earliest and most important tools created by humans. Archaeological evidence suggests that wooden spears have been used by humans for hunting at least 400,000 years ago.

Whether its a fishing spear, hunting spear, or defense spear, having the knowledge to create one on your own will increases your chances of survival. Let’s check out this tutorial from Paul to make a Four Prong fishing or hunting spear.

Making a Four Prong Survival Spear

Locate a tall straight sapling about 2 inches in diameter, and start by making a pressure cut in the larger end. With this cutting method, there is no carving, just rotating the knife around your stick.

Once you have the pressure cut, carve the short side of the stick, towards your cut until you can make a clean break.

Split the newly cut end of the stick with your knife and a wrist size piece of wood, tapping gently to control a slow clean split.

Don’t cut too far, and after your first split, start your second split perpendicular to your first. You should now have four even sections.

Now that you have your splits, lash a piece of twine, or cordage of some sort about 18 inches from the tip of the split end. This will keep your spear from splitting past this point.

Continue your split all the way to your lashing, and then wedge two small sticks, about the size of a pencil, and just wider than the diameter of your spear, into the splits you’ve made.

Lash them into place as well.

Carefully carve each prong until you have four sharpened points.

There you have it, an effective survival spear!

Hope you enjoyed the primitive spear tutorial, check out our guide for making survival weapons to get you on your way to sharpening your next spear!