Gun Safety Tips for Homeowners: Protecting Your Family and Property

Are you a gun owner? Many of us are. Owning a gun is one thing. Making sure everyone is safe around one another. We are here to discuss gun safety at home. Many homeowners hold a weapon within the premises of their homes. That’s fine. Some of us need to feel extra protected. In many states this is legal. You can never be too safe. In today’s society, this is especially important. So, if you have a gun at home, you should read this article.

Protecting your family and property is vital. Many of us think the same way. But, while you are protecting yourself from outside influences, you need to ensure that everyone on the inside is safe, and feels safe. Because of this, we are going to bless you with a few gun safety tips for homeowners. First of all, you need to think outside of the box. You want your gun safe for the closet and companies such as can offer you precisely that. If you’re not sure what we mean, just be a little bit patient. We’ll start by explaining what we meant.

Buy a Safe

gun safe

Now, here’s a great idea. Keeping your gun in a closet is not always the smartest decision. What if you keep it in a closet, behind a smart safe? That’s another story. We live in the age of technology, and everyone should take advantage of that. This is why we suggest buying a smart safe. It is a great way to have all of your valuable items protected. A gun is certainly one of them.

As we already suggested, you already know where to get one. At the same time you can get a safe that’s looking good, is full of smart features, and above all else is discreet. All of these traits are exactly what gun owners seek, want, and need. These safes come with integrated cameras, biometric fingerprint authentication, a touchscreen display, and tamper sensors. You will feel quite safe if you keep your gun ready in one of these. Trust us on this.

Keep Guns Unloaded

unload Glock pistol


The best part about guns is that they function on pure logic. You pull the trigger and they fire. So, to avoid any misfortune and misusage, the best thing you can do for your safety and the safety of those around you is to keep your guns unloaded. Yes, many of us feel safer with one bullet in the gun, but that is the wrong approach. Remember, safety first. Even if you’re an avid gun user, those around you might be clueless.

This especially goes if you have kids. For your safety from exterior treats, you should keep ammunition and the gun close. But, not close enough that anyone could connect the two. At the end of the day, guns are lethal weapons. While their use is intended for grownups, unfortunately, even kids can pull the trigger with ease.

Keep Guns Out of Sight

Hiding Your Guns

Simple formula. You should always know where your gun is. But, you need to keep it out of sight. Guns are kept where no one but you can see or reach them. The best way to do this is by following our first advice. Even if someone can access your safe, you can take another precaution. We’re going to list it here. Keep your guns locked at all times. In addition to having them unloaded, they also need to be locked. When it comes to guns, you want them fully secured. This is why it is important not to only follow all of our tips, but to also combine them.

Store Ammunition Separately

store amo

This part bodes well with keeping the gun unloaded.  Ammunition is the key to most gun-related accidents. This is why you need to keep it separate from the gun. Of course, in case of an emergency, you need to quickly load your gun. When this happens you need to have the gun and the ammunition close by. But, before an emergency, it is important to keep a distance. A healthy one.

As we said, guns are quite logical. Even a child would be able to grasp the connection between a gun and ammunition. This is why separation is vital. If you have a large family, keeping these two things distant will give you the ease of mind when you’re not at home.

Educate Your Family

Even small talk can prevent massive misfortune. When you’re a gun owner you’re not only responsible for the gun and yourself. You need to take good care of everyone around you. Your family comes first. Their safety matters the most. You can keep them safe by owning a gun. But, they will feel even safer if you educate them on the benefits and dangers of owning a gun. This is not a very complicated subject. Just open up, and share your knowledge on the subject. Teach everyone about the safety measures that need to be taken in the presence of a gun.

Always Talk About The Gun

kids found gun

This is a lesson many people forget. Safety comes from knowing. When you own a gun, it is not necessary to brag about it. But, you need to inform people that you do own a piece. This is something you need to tell everyone, especially if you’re having a family with kids. Also, it is important to ask people who you visit if they have a gun. This doesn’t have to be a subject for the evening. But, ask about it, do some small talk, and make sure that you know if there is a gun, or that other people know that you have one.

Direct Your Gun Properly

gun storage

A gun is safest when it’s not pointing at anyone. But you always need to take good care when you’re leaving your weapon to lie down so that it’s pointed in a direction where there isn’t anything. This is important in a  case of accidental firing that no one is injured. Whenever you’re leaving your gun in a safe, or in storage where you keep it, even if it’s not loaded, you need to point it in the safest direction.

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