How To Make and Use a Rock Sling – Shepherd’s Sling

Unlike a lot of the defensive EDC gear you see today, the sling was an important siege and attack weapon to many ancient armies. In fact, in the classical Greek period, stingers and archers supported the infantry by attacking at long range to expose weaknesses.

The traditional hand sling deploys a smooth stone, roughly the size and shape of a small egg.

In a survival situation, you can use a rock sling to hunt small game animals or use it as a weapon for defense against predators or intruders.

How To Make A Rock Sling Step By Step

To create a hand sling of your own, select your cordage, whether it is made of natural materials, twine, nylon or paracord is up to you.

Each side of the sling should be about 24-26 inches long (depending on throwing distance and preferred accuracy), and for your pouch consider using a piece of animal hide, weaving a pouch out of cordage or perhaps repurposing the leather tongue of a shoe.

Here is a quick and easy tutorial to weave your entire sling out of paracord!

What to Throw

Your options are only limited by your imagination. Choose an object that fits well inside your pouch, and or make one out of clay by following this process on how to make clay shot.

How To Use Your Hand Sling

This diagram from Mother Earth News, demonstrates an effective overhand throwing technique to deploy your sling.

The Overhand Throwing Technique

[A] The thrower drops the pocket and draws the missile back into a wide vertical orbit.

[B] The throwing arm rises high, then swings down behind the slingers head to tighten the first orbit. At the same moment, the slinger begins a long “pitcher’s step.”

[C] The thrower completes the forward step as the missile reaches the top of its second orbit, and the knotted cord is released as the slinger’s wrist snaps forward.

Or check out this video tutorial:

Hope you enjoyed learning to make and use a rock sling.

Remember, in an SHTF or survival situation, you can use your wearable paracord gear to make tools and weapons.