The Survival Water Filter Straw – Save Your Life

This Portable Water Filter Could Save Your Life.

Could you survive without clean water?

  • Have you wondered what would happen if you ran out of water?
  • Do you ever go camping, hiking or backpacking?
  • Are you looking for a backup plan if your water becomes contaminated?
  • Want to upgrade your bug-out bag for emergencies?

What Is The Survival Water Filter?

Benefits Water Filter

The Survival Water Filter is a 7-inch portable water filter straw that is designed to convert dirty or contaminated water into clean drinkable water.  Water will travel through the bottom of the filter and into the hollow fiber membranes. From there it flows through the coconut-activated carbon and through to the mouthpiece – leaving you with BPA Free, chemical-free, bacteria-free, particle-free, delicious-tasting water.

How It Works

  •  Step 1: Remove caps. The mouth cap also doubles as a whistle.
  •  Step 2. Put the straw directly into your fresh water source or screw it to any standard plastic bottle (28 mm).
  •  Step 3. Wait 15 seconds and then begin sucking water from the mouthpiece.  If you’ve attached a bottle, turn it upside down and squeeze the water out.


When you’re done with your straw, blow the excess water out and leave the caps open until it has dried.