How To Make a DIY Cheese Grater

Let’s say you’re about to do some campfire cooking and have everything you need to make your favorite delicious trail tacos except for shredded cheese. Don’t worry, if you’ve got a soda or beer can, we can turn that block of Cheddar into shredded cheese.

How To Make a DIY Cheese Grater

1. Empty Can and Punch Holes In One Side

First, you need to get a knife or pointed object to punch through your can.

Then punch holes all over one side of the can.

2. Turn a Few Holes Inside Out

Use your knife to pry out a few holes you made.

The sharp metal will be the part that shreds the cheese so do this near the top of your can.

3. Cut Bottom of Can Off

Now cut the bottom of your can off.

These is where the cheese will come out once it’s gone through your grater.

4. Start Shredding

Now you can start shredding cheese, soap, or anything else that would normally take a large at-home appliance to do.