9 Brilliant Survival Uses for Condoms

Putting a condom inside your first aid kit is a good idea for various reasons. Today I'm going to outline a few of the more useful ones that I learned from Sensible Prepper.

Here are 9 Survival Uses for Condoms

Water Carrier

You can carry water with you by filling up the condom like a water balloon.  You can then slide the water balloon in a sock to protect it from sharp objects.

Use as a lid

If you lose or damage a cap on your water bottle, you can use a condom to cover the opening.

This will at least protect your water from contamination and dirt.


You can also stretch the material over your hands if you are working on an open cut or an area that may become infected.

It's also a good substitute for First Aid wound care or even a tourniquet. 

Good Solution for Tinder or Kindling

You should not breathe the fumes, but once lit, rubber can burn hot.

In damp conditions, it may be what helps you get a fire started.

Keeps Matches Dry

A non-lubricated condom is a great way to waterproof your matches.

Phone Protector Sleeve

If you're traveling or hiking when it's wet, consider this method for waterproofing your electronics.

Foot Protection

If it's wet and you have a cut on your foot, you can slide on a condom over your foot to keep the moisture out.

Secure Your Gear

If your bust a strap, a condom can be used to hold gear in place or to tie off a bag if the drawstring has been broken.

Fishing Float

You can use it as a float or bobber for fishing to keep your fishing hooks from falling to the bottom of the pond.

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