5 Lightweight Survival Items Your Bug Out Bag Should Have

What's a bug out bag? 

A BOB is a pack that you put together for emergency or survival situations. You could have an emergency pack ready to go for natural disasters, or just something you keep stocked up for when you go camping. You should try to keep the bag light and pack it with useful equipment.

When it comes to packing your bug out bag, weight is always a crucial element of the process.  These items will slightly vary depending on where you live, but the concepts will remain to same. You'll need items that can help you build a shelter, acquire clean water, and hunt or fish for food.

Here are 5 Lightweight Pieces of Survival Gear Your Bug Out Bag Should Have

Emergency First Aid Kit

This first aid kit has 105 pieces of essential first aid items, including a fire flint and Mylar blanket. This bag has the tools to treat gashes and clean wounds. Emergency mask, scissors, and gloves are included.

Survival Grenade Fishing Kit

Next to the bracelet, the survival fishing kit is the lightest item on the list, and it's packed with enough equipment to create a makeshift fishing pole.  It's got hooks, line, weights, floaters, eye knife, cotton tinder and an extra fire flint. All you need is a stick and some bait.

Water Filter Straw or Bottle

The water bottle filter and and survival water filter straw can make dirty water drinkable.  Any bacteria and parasites larger than .1 microns are eliminated so you can drink directly from algae filled ponds and dirty creeks. The only difference is that with the straw you have to put your face by the water unless you've got another bottle handy to collect it.

Survival Knife


The Survival Folding Knife has a partially serrated blade so you can cut down branches for shelter or fires. It's also got a screwdriver for basic repairs, a bottle opener, and a titanium coated handle. This can be clipped on your belt as an EDC so you save room in your bag.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Another item with an every day carry option that doesn't have to stay in your bag.  With this survival paracord bracelet you get another 7+ feet of paracord, a bear whistle, striker, and flint.

In closing these items will help you build your shelter, catch fish, collect clean water, and build a fire.  These are the essentials you need to keep you going. Want an Amazon coupon code to get this gear for 10% off? Head over to our join page and we'll send an Amazon coupon code right to your email address.

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  • Bug Out Bag on

    Personally I think the first aid kit and the water filter straw are the most important items on this list. The first aid kit already has a fire starter inside. One thing I don’t see in here is a self defense item (besides the knife). It won’t do much against a bear though unless you are Chuck Norris. I would add some pepper spray or bear spray to the list.

  • Jennifer on

    It depends on what kind of items you’re looking for and the climate. For the very basic “get home bag” I would get a first aid kit, some kind of survival knife, a water filter, and maybe that survival grenade to help you catch fish. Those items are all priced low and you’ll get free shipping if total cost is over 50 :)

  • Brian Harlow on

    I’am putting together a bug out bag and was wondering what kind of cost am i looking at. This is good quality items that i would like. Could you let me know if you can supply me with this and what i would receive for my money.\

  • DAkota tHompson on

    I’m opening a bug out bag was woundering what kind of whole sale prices I can get

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