Wood Bow Drill Fire Starter Bushcraft Kit

Classic Fire Starter Kit – This drill bow set comes with everything needed for starting fire such as a bow, spindles, fireboards, oakum and jute nesting, and clay palm rock!

Fast, Frictionless Spinning – Each fire starter kit also comes with a clay palm rock to provide faster, more efficient spins to create fire more easily for men and women.

Natural, Eco friendly Materials – Primitive Fire tools are made with high-quality wood, such as red oak, to ensure they’re durable, effective, and safe for the outdoors.

Versatile Fire Training Use – Great for hiking, camping trips with family, or just practicing survival skills, bow drill sets can be used for a variety of outdoor events.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions – Every set of Primitive Fire bow drill set comes with a full-color guide to make it easier to learn, have fun, and enjoy training this skill.

Learn to create fire the traditional way with a Primitive Fire bow drill kit that lets adults learn how their ancestors did it!

Are you looking for an exciting way to learn the art of survival and scout skills that is creating fire without a match or a lighter? Then you need the Primitive Fire Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit that comes with everything you need to spin up a campfire for warmth, food, or safety while learning and having a great time!

The best fire starter kit in the business, you can use our bow drill get to create fire fast and easily. Simply spin it up using the included tools and before you know it you’ll be lighting up the campfire for your family, learning a valuable skill, or even stay a bit warmer when you’re resting when hiking.

Natural, eco-friendly, and great for men and women, use the Primitive Fire kit to build more confidence in the great outdoors and expand your survival skillset! A fun way to build strong bonds with family or become a true survivalist, get your set today and start creating campfires just like your ancestors.

Weight: about 300g
Color: : natural wood color
Size: : 42.5 x 8 x 5cm/16.7 x 3.15 x 1.97

Wood Bow Drill Fire Starter Bushcraft Kit
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