Tactical LED Pen with Glass Breaker and Fire Starter

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Introducing the 4 in 1 Tactical LED Pen

The Tactical LED Pen by Survival Hax is more than just a glass breaking pen.

The exterior of this beauty is made from military grade aviation aluminum alloy with a tungsten cone tip.

Inside you’ll find a fire flint made from magnesium, an LED light, and a solid ballpoint pen for writing.

James Bond doesn’t sign his name with a plastic pen from the dollar store and neither should you.

Your tactical pen will feel great in your hand, it’ll look classy, and it will pack a nasty punch if you’re in a self defense situation. 

Last but not least, this is a quality writing pen that utilizes refillable ink cartridges.  So you won't have to get a new pen, ever.

Easy Illumination

Many people get off work late at night and are left with having to fumble for car keys they can barely see.  

This Tactical Penlight has an LED built in, so you can brighten up your path or door handle with minimal effort.

To turn on the light: Screw the back on the pen in a clockwise motion to trigger the LED.

Fire Starter Inside

If you're ever up a creek without a paddle and only have a pen to keep you alive, well then I hope it's this pen.

We've added a magnesium fire starter (ferro rod) which can be reached by opening the pen.

Use any sharp object to strike the rod and create sparks. The blade of a knife works best.

Safety, Style and Protection

When you hold this pen in your hand you can feel the weight of the durable aircraft aluminum.  

Out of ink?

No problem. This is a fully reusable ballpoint pen. Just unscrew the tip and slide in a new cartridge.


Always be prepared. We’ve added features to this EDC pen to help you in a survival situation.

  • A glass breaker to rescue someone stuck in a car.
  • An LED light to illuminate at night.
  • And a fire flint to create sparks should you need fire.


  • Length: 6”
  • Thickness: .5”
  • Exterior: Aviation aircraft aluminum
  • Flint Material: Magnesium
  • Weight: .1 lbs

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