Survival Shovel with Pickax and Fire Starter

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The Survival Shovel is a durable yet lightweight portable folding shovel made for the outdoors. With a serrated edge on one side, our trowel can be turned into a saw to cut away brush or make kindling. This multi purpose shovel also doubles as a pickaxe and has a fire starter flint.


How big is it? When the shovel is unfolded it is 24 inches (2 feet) long. Its collapsible size is 8.6 x 8.2 inches.

What is your shovel made out of? The head of the shovel is made out of manganese steel with a rigidity rating of 42-46. The handle is made out of steel as well, while the adjustment bolt is aluminum alloy.

How heavy is it? The Survival Shovel weighs 2 pounds.

Technical Specs: (inches and pounds)

  • Full shovel length: 24"
  • Pickaxe length: 16.9"
  • Folded shovel length: 8.6"
  • Handle length: 16.1"
  • Head length: 8.2"
  • Head width: 5.9"
  • Pickaxe length: 5.3"
  • Fire Starter length: 2.3"
  • Carry bag: 9.8" x 7"
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Whether you're camping for the weekend, taking a backpacking trip, or just need an emergency trowel in your vehicle, the Survival Shovel has what you need. Perfect as an entrenching tool to stop a wildfire from spreading or a simple bathroom hole digger while you're hiking.

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