Survival Paracord Bracelet with Adjustable Velcro Strap

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The Adjustable Survival Paracord Bracelet is equipped with 4 tools.

  • Over 10 feet of 550 pound strength paracord.
  • An emergency bear whistle on the buckle.
  • A durable Fire Starter flint.
  • A Knife which can be used to strike the fire flint, or cut small objects.
  • 9 inches around 
  • 10 inches long (buckle adds an inch).

Whether you're trying to mend a tent, hang your food in a tree, fix a hammock, start a fire, or call for help, the Survival Paracord Bracelet has got your back.

And recently we've given this bracelet a requested upgrade.  We've woven an additional velcro strap into the paracord so that you can tighten it on your wrist. It can be dangerous having a loose bracelet on when you're walking or riding an ATV through brush.  But most importantly it won't flop around on your wrist anymore, which was the biggest complaint.


  • For fire starting, firmly press knife against flint and strike toward your char cloth and dry kindling.
  • For the whistle, open the bracelet and blow into the side of the buckle which contains the flint. Blow hard into the mouth opening.
  • The knife can be used while inside the buckle, or you can remove it.
  • The paracord can be unraveled at the end containing the knife.

Note: Keep paracord braided until you need to use it because rebraiding can be challenging.

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