What's The Most Common Hiking Accident?

Today we're going to start with a pop quiz for the hikers among us.

What's The Most Common Hiking Accident?

A) Sun stroke

B) Snake bites

C) Gashes and cuts from falls

You'd be surprised how many people didn't know this.

The correct answer is C) Gashes and cuts from stumbles and falls.

I know what you're thinking, "Big deal, rub some dirt on it."

Unfortunately, when you're not prepared for minor stuff like a gash, you drastically increase your chances of infection - which does in fact happen quite often.

Moderate cuts, will even lead to fainting and unconsciousness.  According to hikesafe.com, gashes and cuts from tripping and falling are even more common than bites, sun stroke, heat exhaustion, and hypothermia.

Our motto is "you don't need it, until it's too late." 

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