Water Purifier Bottle

The Water Purifier Bottle filters Contaminated water on the go.

• Are you in to camping, hiking, and backpacking? 

• Are you traveling out of the country? 

• Are you looking for something that can filter regular tap water?

• Are you researching equipment for your bug out bag, prepping, or survival?


If you answered yes to any of these then this bottle was made for you. The Water Purifier Bottle by Survival Hax uses the highest filtration available on a water bottle.


• At .1 microns, this sucker can remove 99.9 of protozoan parasites

• Purify 99.9% of ALL waterborne bacteria

• Scoop up dirty water from lakes, rivers, ponds (even muddy swamps) and watch it come out clean

• Portable / Lightweight BPA Free bottle holds 650 ml (22 ounces) of water

But our water bottle doesn't just filter water. Our customers are hardcore campers, hikers, and survivalists, and they want Paracord on everything. So we added a travel strap that unravels into over 7.2 feet of usable paracord. Length may slightly vary, as each bottle is braided by hand.

• Fix busted shoe laces on a hike 

• Tie up your dog 

• Hang a bear bag

• Mend a tent

• or Repair a hammock



 Scoop dirty or contaminated water into the bottle and suck from straw. When finished, unscrew bottle cap and blow excess water out. Then let dry.