Survival Folding Knife - EDC - Multitool

The Survival Folding Knife is the perfect edition to your every day carry kit.  Is it a survival knife? Is it a multitool? Pocket knife?

How bout all of the above!

A 3 and 3/8 inch blade with a partially serrated edge sits nicely on top of a titanium coated handle.  Can your multitool cut branches and shrubs? This can.

The tactical pointed edge at the base of the knife comes to a powerful point strong enough to break through windows and ice. It can also be used as a personal self defense weapon, as it is easily gripped, and lightweight.

This EDC tool also has a bottle opener on the handle, so everyone can see how big of a badass you are when you're cracking open a cold bottle of beer.

This is the perfect blade for anyone looking to upgrade their current knife to an EDC survival tool with balls.

The best hunting, fishing, camping, survival, or tactical gift you could get someone.