Survival Coupon Congratulations

Congratulations on signing up for our Survival Gear Giveaway.  

We're going to let the winner know on Facebook so keep an eye on our page for the announcement.

Just for taking part, you've scored a 20% off coupon code that you can use on anything in our store.

Check out the survival gear you can save big on.

Use code 20SURVIVE to get the Water Purifier Bottle.  A heavy duty BPA free water bottle combined with our .1 micron Filter Straw. 

 Use code 20SURVIVE to claim the Monkey Fist Self Defense Keychain. A 10 inch paracord keychain attached to a steel ball that will give any mugger a bad day.

 Use code 20SURVIVE to receive the Adjustable Paracord Bracelet with Fire Starter. The paracord bracelet that can start fires, even when it's wet.

And if you'd like anything else in the store for 20% off just pick something from the catalog and use coupon code 20SURVIVE.