First Aid Kit

first aid kit
The 105 piece Emergency First Aid Kit is a MUST have for your glove box, bug out bag, or medicine cabinet.  The entire kit weighs less than a pound, and its dimensions are only 5 x 7 x 2 inches.  It will fit anywhere, and packs the punch of a deluxe survival bag. 

First Aid Kit Contents

(1) Triangular Bandage 
(1) PBT Bandage (Small)
(1) PBT Bandage (Large)
(1) Roll of Nonwoven Tape
(2) Nonwoven Swab
(10) Wipes
(20) Band Aid (Regular)
(10) Band Aid (Small)
(4) Butterfly Band Aid
(4) H Style Band Aid
(4) Cleaning Wipes
(30) Cotton (Q-Tips)
(1) First Aid Blanket
(1) Scissors
(10) Safety Pins
(1) CPR Mask
(1) PVC Gloves - Large
(1) Tweezers
(1) Flint Starter
(1) First Aid Bag