Fire Starter Flint and Tinder

The Way Our Ancestors Started Fires

Fire Starter Flints were used by our ancestors and are still superior to lighters, zippos, matches, even butane torches in a survival situation.

  • Using a Ferro Rod to start a fire instead of matches allows you to get up to 30,000 sparks from one single rod.

  • A Fire Flint can get wet and still work, while matches are ruined.

Built-In Tinder Keychain

  • Waterproof Tinder holder lets you bring dry kindling to damp situations.

  • Compact cottons fibers Ignite quickly.

  • Has a key ring so you can put it on a key chain.

Emergency Whistle and Paracord

An emergency bear whistle is attached to 5 feet of braided paracord. This strong lanyard comes in handy should you ever break a shoelace while you're hiking or need to hang something.

Efficient Scraper

You can get a great grip on this scraper allowing for a nice shower of sparks.

Your scraper can also double as a ruler, a wrench, and a bottle opener.

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