Could You Stop a Home Invasion? (Seriously)

How do you stop a home invasion, even if you suck at fighting?  

What if I told you that's it's possible. Not only is it possible, it's...

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • and easy to learn

In this video you'll hear from Bruce Perry, the man responsible for training our spec ops teams, air marshals, and body guards.


Putting your 100% trust in pepper Spray, hand guns, and home security system is the biggest mistake you can make.

"But but but... I'm only 135 pounds soaking wet!"

Ever watch a Lion take down a Buffalo?

In this video, Bruce shows you the "cut the crap" explanation of becoming an absolute savage.  

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Fact is, traditional martial arts aren’t vicious enough for modern day self-defense!

When you see what I have for you in this SELF-DEFENSE system, you’ll understand that this is, truly, the NEXT STEP in face-to-face combat.

It’s the first NEW approach to "instantly win" any fight…

As it places you in direct contact with pressure points that can disable your attacker in a matter of seconds… these easy-to-reach, super-deadly and almost impossible to defend against areas are likely ones you have never even come across before.

So forget long-winded street fighting… typical martial arts self-defense… or movie fights…