BlackOut USA

We see a lot of threads out there that say there isn't enough "prepper fiction" out there. We agree. That's why I started writing a story called BlackOut USA.

It's about young man named Eli who returns from his tour in Afghanistan to find his girlfriend cheating on him. He finds a job as a driver for disabled vets and befriends and old man "Earl" who becomes like a grandfather to him.

Somewhere along the way shit hits the fan, and the entire city of Los Angeles loses power.  And not just power plants either.  Cars, cellphones, and even landlines seem to be down.  This is a quick, 30 page introduction to the story.  I hope to finish it in 2016.

From the prologue:
In 2005, Hurricane Katrina dismantled the City of New Orleans. The storm was the costliest natural disaster and one of the five deadliest hurricanes throughout the United States history. More than 1,200 people died in the hurricane and subsequent floods, with total property damage at an estimated $108 billion. With her wrath, Katrina not only sunk a city, she brought out the worst in its victims. Within a short period of time, 42 sexual assaults, in addition to 156 violent crimes occurred. Instead of gratitude, medical aid and humanitarian relief choppers were welcomed with menacing gunshots.

Facilities used as short-term storm shelters became targets for rapists, as well as those who decided to prey on the weak. It was anything beyond survival; it was complete savagery.Two years later, a series of wildfires ravaged Southern California, displacing thousands of residents from their homes. However, instead of looting, these communities came together offering food, shelter, and aid to those displaced. The media speculated as to why there was such an opposite reaction from Southern Californians facing a disaster compared to the Katrina victims.

Some claimed it was cultural differences, others stated it was because affluent people didn’t resort to violence right away, and the final theory was simple. The scale of devastation that hit Southern California was nowhere near that of Katrina. Had California experienced something to the same degree, pure chaos would have certainly ensued?

The prepper’s theory stated that even the richest of cities would crumble when faced with actual shortages.

But this was all just speculation… until now.