Roll Top Dry Bag

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The Roll Top Dry Bag by Survival Hax is an air tight, water tight bag that can be used to keep your gear dry in the harshest conditions.

  • Going Kayaking? The Roll Top Dry Bag will keep your cell phone dry, even if you roll the Kayak.
  • Feel confident on a camping trip, even if it does start raining. Our bag is watertight, airtight, and will keep your valuables dry.
  • Need to keep electronics dry? Our 10 liter water resistant sack will make sure your iPad, bluetooth, and everything else stays 100% dry.
  • Do you care about the environment? Great! Our Dry Bag is made of 500D PVC eco friendly Tarpaulin 100% Waterproof and flame retardant.
  • 20 inches tall, 8 inches around, and holds 2.6 gallons or 10l. Enjoy the wet water while your gear stays dry.

I want you to imagine two scenarios for a moment. In the first one, picture yourself at a pool party without the Waterproof Dry Bag by Survival Hax. You’re having a great time playing water basketball in the pool, and you hit it off with a very attractive young lady (or man). Then, out of nowhere, your 300 pound friend, Bubba, decides to do a cannonball. The impact alone has enough power to cause a tsunami. Needless to say, your cellphone, wallet, and shoes are completely soaked. So much for getting her phone number! You spend the rest of the summer inside, sulking and feeling bad about yourself.

In scenario two, you did get the Roll Top Dry Bag before you went to the pool party. This time, you put your clothing and valuables inside the pack. Then you sealed the air tight, water resistant bag. When Bubba’s splash caused a flash flood, your watertight sack kept your gear completely dry. You get the girl’s number, and it boosts your confidence which leads to you landing the promotion you always wanted. You and your lady live happily ever after, spending long summers going kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, boating and kicking back on the beach.

None of this would have been possible without the ultimate dry bag. You’re welcome.

Roll Top Waterproof Dry Bag Specs:

  • Height: 50 cm (about 20 inches tall)
  • Circumference: 20 cm (about 8 inches around)
  • Material: 500D PVC Tarpaulin,100% waterproof
  • Capacity: 10 liters (about 2.6 gallons)

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