Monkey Fist - Self Defense Keychain

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Why the Monkey Fist? 

We want to feel safe when we're walking to our car at night, strolling through an alley, or in an area where there are wild animals that can attack. The Monkey Fist can also be used to break up ice, or bust out a window if a car door becomes jammed. With a snap of your wrist, this paracord keychain goes from a stylish accessory to a deadly whip.

What is a Monkey's Fist?

The Paracord Monkey Fist is a self defense keychain with an easy clip ring that allows you to detach from your keychain quickly.


  • A 1 inch steel ball is wrapped in 550 paracord. Some people refer to it as a "bikers whip." 
  • We've extended the length to be a full 10 inches long
  • The keychain is braided but can be unraveled to over 12 feet of usable paracord - extremely handy in camping and survival situations. 
  • The Monkey Fist is primarily used as a self defense weapon, martial arts weapon, and accessory to home security. 

This self defense keychain tells muggers and thugs 2 things:

  1. I look stylish with my black 550 paracord, so don't mess with me. 
  2. This 1 inch steel ball connected to a 10 inch paracord whip will crush bones in your face with little effort from me. Better try to mug the next guy instead.

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