Your Scariest Camping Moment

A week ago I let everyone know that we'd be giving away a Survival Fire Starter to a subscriber who told me a scary camping moment on Facebook.

Keesha Turner was chosen to win with following camping experience from last year.

Last year I was camping with my spouse, two teenage children, and two family friends. It was a beautiful spot along a creek. We also befriended the couple camping nearby, who were both Deaf, but one of my kids and know American Sign Language so there were no communication barriers. Every day they told us where they were going and when to expect their return, and let us know of awesome sites they explored that they thought we would enjoy.

One evening we heard a noise nearby. We wanted to see if it was the coyote that had been in nearby trees a few days prior. When we checked the area with a light, it wasn't a coyote but a bear cub, looking right at us (and my German Shepherd service pup in training) from maybe 20 feet away. While not tremendously concerned with the cub, we were rather wary of the mama bear who was surely nearby. 

It became a priority to get the attention of our camp neighbors; we couldn't just about "Bear," and we didn't want to make any sudden moves like running to them, where they sat by their dinner cooking over a fire pit. 

We got their attention by sneaking over there ever-so-slowly and talking to them. They put their good in a safe place pretty quickly and went in their tents while we returned to ours. 

I'm not usually bothered by bears but this one did have me concerned. Thankfully all ended well, but it really reinforced how we as campers need to stick together. We can not only make new friends and learn from one another, but we can help keep each other safe.

Thanks for the story Keesha, it could have ended a lot worse if they had stumbled into the cub.

Enjoy your new fire starter flint!

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