Workplace Survival for Active Shooter Situations on the Rise

Companies across the country have started taking a page out of the Prepper Handbook when it comes to dealing with active shooter situations. 

The scene on the screen looks like a normal morning in Anytown, USA. People enter work for the day, coffee in hand. Colleagues greet each other, smiling, and settle in at their desks. Next to the elevator, a security guard chats affably with a coworker.

A man in black abruptly enters the workplace. Sporting a bald head and wraparound shades, he quickly pulls a pump-action shotgun from his bag and starts blasting away, beginning with the security guard. The audience watching the video at Bob’s Sport Shop on Hull Street Road gasps.

“If you are ever to find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event,” warns the narrator in a voice reminiscent of Peter Coyote, “your survival may depend on whether or not you have a plan.”

For the next five minutes, the video addresses the topic everyone is here to learn about: how to survive an active shooter. Shown halfway through a two-hour workshop on that subject last week, it illustrates just how vulnerable so-called “soft targets” – such as schools, workplaces and churches – are to a lone gunman. In the wake of an ever-increasing number of mass shooting incidents across the country, active shooter trainings like this one are on the rise.

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