Why You Should Have a Scuba Knife on The Water

Whether you're going out on the water for fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or just lounging around, you should always have a knife or cutting tool with you.

Boats carry an abundance of rope and cordage, for good reason.  If someone goes overboard, they need a lot of it for the rescue.

The problem with having so much rope is that it can get tangled up and take you down into the dark abyss while you're trying to get free.

This happened in less than 40 seconds

After 40 seconds the diver is already tangled up.  

You can see that his swimming has already been hindered.

He does not have a knife with him which is making it very difficult.

At 2 minutes there is still now way out

At close to 2 minutes in, the diver was still frantically trying to get untangled.

You can see that he sank to the bottom in the process.


Put a Scuba Fishing Knife with a sheath on your ankle. 

A dive knife strapped to your arm or leg can give you quick access to something that can slice through that rope before it takes you under.

You can also use it as a form of defense. 

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