What Weak Points Do Thieves Look For In Homes?

When it comes to defending your home, take the time to set your perimeters up correctly. Thieves can and will discover the weak points in your home. Your job should make the effort it takes to break in, not worth the reward.

Self Defense Mind Spirit wrote an article on these weak spots, and what you need to do to secure them.

10 Security Flaws Thieves Prey On

Lack of proper lighting

A sure sign that someone isn't home are lights that run 24/7 or are never on. Be sure to utilize timers for indoor and outdoor lighting with set on/off cycles. Not only does this make it appear that someone is home, but the lights will be on when you get home giving you more notice if something is out of place. For added security, have music or a tv playing during the day.

Handy tools left in the yard

We all get tired after working in the yard all day, however, the things you leave lying about could actually be used to gain access to your home. Think ladders to gain access to windows and yard tools that can pry open doors, windows, etc.

 Did you lock the windows? 

We think that if we close the windows that will be enough to deter burglars. The reality is that they will try them to see if they open. Also lock your windows when you close them. The same goes with your doors and especially sliding glass doors. Make sure sliding glass doors have security bolts installed.

The Spare Key

How many of you are still hiding the spare key under the back door mat, that favorite rock next to the doorway, or above the door casing? Burglars look for these things. Do not keep spare keys laying in the yard for someone to find. Give them to a trusted neighbor or friend that will be able to check on things.


Take a look at your hedges, trees, bushes and determine whether or not someone can hide behind or in them. If yes, it's time to take the pruning shears to them and clean them up. If you are going to plant bushes next to the house, make sure they have thorns or are uncomfortable for someone to hide behind. You want to be able to see your doors and windows and not have your landscaping obstruct their view. Remember, if you can't see your windows and doors because of your landscaping, you can't see the criminal getting into your home. 

Once inside, different styles of defense need to utilized.

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