What Is Stealth Camping?

Stealth Camping is basically exactly what it means. Going camping undetected.  You may need to do this if you're on the run, don't want to be seen, or need to camp on land you don't have permission to be on.

Stealth camping is the term given to camping at an unestablished wilderness site. A lot of backpackers do it, but it’s also very popular with long-distance bicyclists. In the United Kingdom, it’s called Wild Camping and is the subject of an active political campaign to make it legal to camp on mountains, moors, and national parks without obtaining owner permission in advance.

Besides solitude, stealth camping is thought to reduce the chances of bear encounters at night. Bears tend to frequent established campsites where there are campers and food bags. Why forage, when you can just drive to McDonald’s? It, therefore, makes sense that you will be less likely to be found by a bear if he’s down at the pub with the regular crowd.

Stealth camping can be seen as trespassing. Getting permission is better than getting shot.

Can you see the shelter?

Stealth Camping Tips:

Location - Open areas are bad. A field is a terrible idea, find foliage.

Elevation - Make sure your area is slightly elevated for water runoff.

Enter and Exit points - You need to have a clear way to enter and exit your camp.

Shelter colors - Use dull colors that do not stand out.

Prep your paracord - Prepare your paracord and shelter so you can get your shelter up fast.

Tent Stakes - Use sharpened sticks over store-bought tent stakes in case you need to bug out.

Watch this video to see how to make your low profile stealth shelter.

Once you've got your shelter up you are ready to camp, but making food is going to be tough if you want to remain hidden.

Don't panic you can make a stealth fire too.

Read how to make a stealth fire hole (Dakota fire hole).

Read 50 more stealth camping tips

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