What Is a Survival Capsule?

Last week we talked a lot about bugging out when it comes to natural disasters. But what happens if you can't evacuate an area? What if SHTF before you could get out, or you simply didn't have a method of getting out?  

A lot of people end up choosing to hunker down which is a good option when you've got the supplies you need. The problem with hunkering down is that people mainly load up on food, batteries, and water, without thinking "how am I going to protect myself from a 30-foot wave that hits my house?"

The folks at Survival Capsule LLC asked themselves that question, and here's what they came up with.

Intended Use

The Tsunami Survival Capsule is designed to save lives during a Tsunami event. It is designed and stressed using Aerospace Engineering methods of analysis for load cases such as initial Tsunami impact, large debris impact, sharp object penetration and many more. The capsule resides on a stand beside the residence covered by a shroud colored to suit the environment. A bright color is used to aid recovery. The function of the capsule is to ride the Tsunami, rather than run from it.

How many people fit inside?

There are currently 5 different models of the survival capsule.

  • SC2001 Capacity – 2 Adults
  • SC4001 Capacity – 4 Adults
  • SC6001 Capacity – 6 Adults
  • SC8001 Capacity – 8 Adults
  • SC10001 Capacity – 10 Adults

The first two models have one door, while the larger models all have two doors.

 How can this save lives?

According to Tsunami experts, the most deaths during a massive tsunami is not from drowning, it's from being slammed and battered into debris.  The survival capsule was designed by aerospace engineers to take a beating.

While you might get jolted around inside, you'll be strapped into a cushioned seat allowing the outside of the shell to absorb the impact. 

This is a great concept for hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados as well. If you have nowhere to go, you might as well ride it out in a survival capsule. You may end up buried in debris, but with a built in transponder, rescue crews will be able to find you once the storm has passed.

My question today is this: Would you use one of these capsules in a survival situation? 

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