What in the World are Socks Good For, Survival Edition

Socks. Aside from the obvious everyday uses such as keeping your feet warm or helping prevent blisters from your shoes. What else are they good for? We're so glad you asked. Here is a list of 10 survival applications for socks.

#1 Filter/Strainer

Simply pour water into sock and it will help eliminate sediment from the liquid.

#2 Gloves

Socks can be worn on the hands as gloves for protection, or as mittens to help keep your hands warm.

#3 Pot holder

Simply put they can serve as a holder for something hot

#4 First Aid

Socks can be used as a bandage or a sling to secure a bandage if need be.

#5 Pouch

They can be a very handy little ruck sack, so fill it with all the goodies you need to stash somewhere.

#6 Ear Muffs

Fill with material for added insulation and use them to keep your ears warm.

#7 Heat Pack

Fill with hot rocks or hot sand and use to soothe sore body parts.

#8 Weapon

Fill sock with rocks and swing to create a hand powered defense mechanism. 

#9 Sleeves

Cut a hole in the end and use socks as a sleeve or as knee protection. 

#10 Fire

If you're desperate, use your handy socks as fire kindling.


Get creative! We hope you find many more uses for your socks as well!


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