13 Survival Hacks Using a Water Bottle

If you're in a scenario where you don't have any of your survival gear, you need to make due with what's around you. That's what survival hacks are all about.  Using what you have to make effective tools.

Today we're going to use a generic plastic bottle to come up with;

13 Survival Hacks Using a Water Bottle

Controlled flow water bottle

You'll need to cut a hole in the cap. This is great for giving pets water without wasting a lot of it.


Cut the bottle in half and the lower part can be used as a bowl. Use a lighter to round off the sharp edges.


You can make a spoon by cutting a verticle section out of the bottle. Heating the plastic will harden it.


You can make a cup with a handle. Perfect for your coffee or tea.

Waterproof Survival Kit

Make a waterproof emergency kit that can float. Unfortunately, you have to cut it open so it's a one time use.

Berry Picking Container

By cutting the top off, inverting it, and adding paracord as a handle, you can make a container perfect for picking berries.


By cutting off the top of the bottle you can make a simple oil funnel.

Dirt Scoop

Cut your bottle in half and open one side up to make a pooper scooper.

Paracord Dispenser

Easily keep your paracord from getting jumbled up by making a hole in your cap large enough to feed it through.

Seed Starter

Cut the top off and drill a cord hole through the cap to make a self-watering plant seeder.

Bottle Cap Nozzle

You can make a nozzle that shoots a small and direct stream of water by heating up the cap and gently sliding a screwdriver through the lid. Once it hardens, clip off the tip.

Fish Trap

Cut the lid area off and invert it to make a fish trap. These won't be big enough to eat but they do make good bait.

Create Cordage

You can produce cordage or binding material by cutting the bottle into a long plastic strip. The thinner you cut this, the longer your rope will be.

If you're in a survival situation and don't have any gear, get the most out what you do have by getting creative.


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