2 Simple Ways To Make a Trash Bag Tent

When you're in a SHTF situation the first 3 things you need for survival are food, water, and shelter. But not many people have a shelter laying around when they need one (they should). The good news is, David from Ultimate Survival Tips found two simple ways you can make a survival shelter with nothing more than a heavy duty trash bag. The first way is very basic for temporary rest. while the second type of tent is meant for a longer duration camp.

1. Simple Single Hole Shelter

The first type of shelter is just a simple hole in the top.  Notice he didn't cut any arm holes? This will trap his body heat and allow him to warm up in a storm. The downside is that you can't fully stretch out unless you have another bag to put your feet in.


  • Very simple.
  • Keeps body heat in.
  • Can do it on the run without having to make a camp.


  • Uncomfortable for sleeping.
  • Feet may get wet unless you have two bags.

2. A-Frame Tent

The A-Frame shelter is slightly more complicated but lets you stretch out completely so you don't have to sleep in a ball all night. For this to work you're going to need:

  1. Cordage.
  2. A tree.
  3. Something to cut your bag (knife, hatchet, sharp rock).
  4. Four small rocks.
  5. Four Sticks (tent stakes) 

First you'll want to cut the side and the bottom of your bag.  Then you'll need to use your cordage to string a low ridgeline.

Then you'll need to use your cordage to string a low ridgeline.

Now drape your bag over your line.

Take your 4 rocks and wrap them around each corner of your bag.

Then use your cordage to wrap around the rocks and stake them into place.


  • You can stretch out.
  • You can hang wet clothes inside.
  • It can last a few weeks.


  • Takes longer to build.
  • You need additional equipment.
  • Packing up camp takes more time.



Always keep a shelter or a way to make a shelter near you. Whether that's a couple of trashbags in your glove box, or a full blown tent in the trunk.

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