This Is Why You Should Use a Deadbolt

A lot of us leave the house without locking the deadbolt before heading off to work or school. This is a reminder that you should be using the deadbolt lock on your door.

Why? Because I'm about to show you how easy it is to open a door with a credit card or wallet tool.

Yesterday I went out on the porch to move a rain-soaked doormat. Unfortunately, when I did, the door closed behind me.

I had left my wallet in the house as well so I couldn't do the old credit card door trick. The only thing I had on me was our EDC Wallet Tool from the video I was making for it.

What shocked me was just how easy it was to get back in with just a little shake of the wrist.


Many doors are not set at 100% accuracy and this leaves a larger than normal gap between the door and the door frame.

As you can see from the video, it takes very little effort to push back the door lock on one of these standard knobs.

 Use your Deadbolt

It only takes a few seconds to use twist the deadbolt lock on your door.  But that extra few seconds might just be enough for that scumbag thief to change his mind.

But even bolts can be kicked in with enough force...

If you are setting up your home for invasion and break-in defense, an extra layer of security is always good to have.

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