5 Things You Learn from Living in a Travel Trailer

You may not live in a travel trailer, but doesn't mean you can't learn a few tips about living in tiny places with different resources then the household home. 

#1 Electricity

The amount we rely on electricity in modern times becomes evident when your usage is limited to 30 or 50 amps. You suddenly become aware of the fact that, the microwave, washing machine and air conditioning don’t mesh well with the hair dryer being used to. Needless to say it opens your eyes to what it means to be “plugged in to the grid” and you begin to come up with alternate ways of doing things. Extra batteries and solar panels become your new friends.

#2 Water

Especially if you are living campground to campground without full hookups, your storage capacity on holding tanks forces you to limit your water use. The one time your showering and the shower pan no longer drains because the grey water tank is full, trust me you have a wake up call. 

#3 Tiny Spaces

When living in a tiny home, like a fifth wheel  or travel trailer. You learn that bigger isnt always better. Less space means less to take care of, less stuff means less to keep track of.

#4 Organization


Somehow living in a small space forces you to be organized. There is no room for chaos. That does not mean clutter doesn't exist, just that you tend to keep around only the stuff you really "need".


#5 Storage

When you have a tiny fridge, no freezer space and no ice maker, taking up new skills becomes a priority. So break out the dehydrator, brush up your skills on canning and get after it. Those cabinets aren't gonna stock themselves.


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