9 Reasons to Consider Adding Quail to Your Homestead

While quail farming might not be ideal for every homesteader, they can fit into homesteads both large and small. There are several varieties of quail available, but Coturnix Quail are one of the most popular choices, because of their hardiness.

9 Reasons Why Quail Farming Might Be Right for You

The eggs are considered a delicacy and bring in more money than chicken eggs.   
  1. You can have males in your flock without annoying your neighbors.

  2. They cost less than traditional poultry because they are smaller so they use less feed and bedding. In fact, with wire bottom cages there is no bedding to deal with.

  3. They are very low maintenance.

  4. You can sell juvenile and adult birds for eggs, meat or hunting dog training.

  1. They lay an egg every day from 6 weeks on (depending on breed and supplemental light).

  2. In many cases you can have quail when you can’t have chickens (great for the non-traditional homesteader).

  3. Quail mature so quickly that they reach their top weight at 8 weeks old.      

  4. An 18 day incubation period is fantastic.

Fun Facts About Quail

  • They Look Dead When They Sleep - It starts from the day they hatch. They splay out like a puppy, usually on their bellies, but sometimes on their sides or back.

  • They Cry When You Leave

  • They Walk Backwards to Poop - The quick backwards shuffle you see from time to time is the quail eliminating. I’m not sure why, but it is what it is.

  • They Are Acrobats

  • Eggs Just Pop Right Out of Them - They don’t even try. They sit there flinging dirt all over the place and when they get up – plop – there’s an egg. No need to build a nest box for these guys.

  • The Roosters Always Surprise Themselves - it's hard to describe the look of a surprised quail, but that is the facial expression every time a male crows.


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