These Mars Domes Are Perfect for The Apocalypse

Would you ever live in a dome? It's possible we'll use this technology to live on the red planet someday. But if SHTF here on Earth, we might all end up living in something that looks like this.

Living on Mars is an idea that continues to gain traction every day. There are even competitions for the best projects that offer ideas as to how to make it a reality. For example, the Mars City Design is an organization that gives these awards to innovators annually. At the top of their list in the “Architecture” category this year is Redwood Forest, submitted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Redwood Forest project, led by MIT postdoc Valentina Sumini and assistant professor Caitlin Mueller, focuses on creating habitats inside of domes. Each dome would house a unique forest that protects and provides an open space for water and plants. Underneath the surface is a series of tunnels that would be able to hold up to 50 people.

In total, the project would be able to give up to 10,000 people new homes on Mars as the team is aiming toward building 200 domes. The idea of living underground is to completely protect the community from the extreme conditions on the planet’s surface. This would also provide easy transportation among the other dome establishments.

While there has been research in creating greenhouses under Mars’ surface, the Redwood Forest project provides an alternative look of keeping these plants on the surface. Each habitat will have solar panels that generate energy, and this will also transport water into cells inside of the dome to protect from radiation and to provide insulation. That energy would also be used to produce oxygen, rocket fuel, and charging hydrogen fuel cells for backup power.

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  • Jim Jovanovic on

    I would love to live in a structure on Mars. The adventure, the discovery, the unknown sign me up. I would be willing to bet my brother, cousin, and a few lifelong friends would join us too. It is a chance to walk the pages of the history books. To show the humans given the proper tools can accomplish anything. Even the bonds of our home planet can be broken in the name of exploration and the spirit of adventure. Feel free to contact me anytime N.A.S.A. I will be waiting to hear from you.

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