The Rule of 3 For Survival

What is the Rule of 3?

In a survival situation, the rule of 3 applies to time.

Minutes, hours, and days. 

When putting together your survival kit or bug out bag, keep this rule in mind.

The Survival Rule of 3: You can live

3 Minutes without Air

Your body will shut down after 3 minutes without oxygen.

Also at the 3 minute mark is being submerged in ice cold water and severe bleeding.

When you're putting together your bug out bag, here are some ideas that can help.

Benadryl - A bee sting or a spider bite can clog up your airway. An antihistamine can reduce swelling in your airway so you can continue breathing.

Scarves and Masks - In the event that there is a lot of pollution or particles in the air, a respiratory mask will come in handy

First Aid Kit - A first aid kit will have compression bandages which can be used within 3 minutes to stop severe bleeding.

Self Heimlich Maneuver - If you can't breath because you're choking, you need to be able to Heimlich yourself. There is a step by step here.

3 Hours in Harsh Conditions

If you are hot and running low on water (picture Arizona in August) you might not even make it to 3 hours. The sun can suck the water right out of you. 

Similarly, a few hours in sub-freezing temps could leave you with hypothermia at best, and a dirt nap at worst. You should know how to warm and cool your body if needed.

Mylar Blanket - Emergency Mylar blankets can be found in most first aid kits. These can keep your body heat in, but also reflect the heat.

Fire Starter -  Starting a fire is another way to keep your body temp up. A lighter, matches, and firesteel should be with you.

3 Day Without Water

After 3 days without water, your body will start to break down. Even before that, you will become very weak.

Filter Straws - Water Filter Straws can filter bacteria from your fresh water source.  Additionally, if you've packed a mess kit, you can boil water to remove contaminants.

3 Weeks Without Food

Three weeks is really a stretch, but your body can do it.  One of the best things you can put in your pack are calorie bars and MREs.

Calorie Bars - Get over 1000 calories from a single bar.

MREs - Just add water to these premade meals. They have a long shelf life and can sustain your body.

Knife - Some type of cutting tool like an EDC knife is ideal to have. A blade can help you with self defense, or to make self defense weapons (spears, bows).

Tactical Light - A bright light is also good to have, but unless it's a kinetically charged light like the flashlight in our Roadside Kit, you will need to find a way to charge your batteries, like a solar charger or powerbank.

Check out the 'rule of 3' survival hacks that Sensible Prepper came up with.

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