The EDC Credit Card Tool You Need In Your Wallet

As much as I love talking about bugging out and Sh*t Hitting The Fan, I'm more interested in useful items that I can take with me every day, that also has a purpose. 

The EDC Credit Card Tool That Actually Fits In Your Wallet

Two years ago we released the Tactical Credit Card and you guys (for the most part) seemed to love it.  The chief complaint was that it was too bulky for the credit card slots on a lot of wallets.

The new EDC Card Tool does not have that issue. 

This tool is literally the thickness of a credit card, so it will have no issues fitting in the wallet slot.

Opening Boxes and packages can get tiresome without a knife.

Quick and Easy way to tighten nuts and bolts on the fly.

Not just for outdoor jobs, this wallet tool comes in handy in the classroom and the office.

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