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The 12 Best Vehicles For Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

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In a zombie apocalypse you're going to want a kick-ass vehicle to outrun all the infected and to fight off attacks from other survivors. Whether that's a V-8 interceptor like the one Max drives in the 1981 blockbuster Mad Max 2, or the porcupinesque 'Plymouth Rock' from the latest film Mad Max: Fury Road, the rules go out of the window when it comes to style, functionality, and weapons. Or perhaps you want something a bit shinier? Scroll down to see 12 of the best vehicles for surviving a zombie apocalypse according to the Prepper Journal: 1. Chevrolet Silverado Black...

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Why Bicycles Are A Smart Choice When SHTF

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Bicycles are a smart choice when SHTF because they provide a convenient and stealthy means of transportation and can be easily modified to generate power or to travel at a greater speed. According to the natural health news and self-reliance website, Natural News, the bicycle is the ultimate self-sufficiency device. When you consider that gasoline can only be stored for a few years at the most and that there likely won't be any gas stations open after a societal collapse, the lowly bicycle becomes more and more attractive as a survival transportation solution. Bicycles are easily repaired and maintained, requiring...

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How To Make A Log Raft

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There are many reasons why a person may need a raft. Outside of recreational uses, you may need to cross a large body of water, or get to deeper fishing waters in order to catch a good meal.  Here are a few tips on creating a log raft when you don't have a lot of resources. This is how to make a log raft 101. Step 1: Log Gathering. Use the lightest would you can find, and get around 8 of them. Make sure they're between 8 and 12 feet long and about 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Two...

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