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How To Collect Rainwater if Water is Scarce

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There are many ways to collect rainwater, sometimes you just need to think out of the box to find them.

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Why Bicycles Are A Smart Choice When SHTF

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Bicycles are a smart choice when SHTF because they provide a convenient and stealthy means of transportation and can be easily modified to generate power or to travel at a greater speed. According to the natural health news and self-reliance website, Natural News, the bicycle is the ultimate self-sufficiency device. When you consider that gasoline can only be stored for a few years at the most and that there likely won't be any gas stations open after a societal collapse, the lowly bicycle becomes more and more attractive as a survival transportation solution. Bicycles are easily repaired and maintained, requiring...

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Survival and Defense Tips For Manly Men

Defense Guides Survival

The Art of Manliness created a great infographic featuring lifehacks that could one day save you.  

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