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Prepper Approved Pantry Items

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If you want to start up a stockpile of food for you and your family then this is a great place to start. You can easily begin adding items to your pantry that can last you for many years to come. Here are a few great places to start. All these items make excellent sources for nourishment in a disaster or SHTF situation. Veggie and Fruit Juice Often overlooked, both veggie juices (think V-8) and fruit juices like pineapple juice all have great amounts of vitamins and nutrients. You can also easily store them. Veggie juices also make great bases...

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DIY Ways to Purify Water

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Water is a critical part of survival and in a survival situation finding a pure water source can be all the difference in life or death.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are concerned with the drinkability of the available water source, here are some ideas that may help you get through. Water Purification: Improvised Charcoal Filter This an awesome way to purify some water in a pinch.  While you may still want to boil it after purifying to be safe the first time, this will keep you hydrated in hard times. Water Barrel System A water...

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The 50 Survival Items That Will Disappear First

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In a SHTF situation, such as an economic collapse, these items will go fast. These items are all going to be top of the must find" items in people's minds as goods become scarce.  Some would consider these items as great items to barter with too. Here are the top items that will be hard to find (provided by Walmart and Target employees) 1. Generators (Good ones can be expensive. It can be a target for thieves due to the noise). 2. Clean Water. 3. Water Filters/Purifiers. Have you seen our new portable water filter bag? 4. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps. 5. Coleman...

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Top 8 Best Survival Foods

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This is a list of the top 8 best survival foods that every emergency prepper needs to hoard.  Whether you choose to stockpile all of these items or pick just a few for a Bug Out Bag, keep in mind caloric value and storage.  All of the items can be found at your local Megamart or online so get your food supply in order for when you need it!               Water The human body can go 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water.  If you do not have a fresh  water supply...

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7 Essential Bug Out Bag Items

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There's no better assurance of survival than a well-stocked Bug Out Bag (also referred to as a BOB, a Get Out of Dodge Bag, a GOOD, or a 72 Hour Bag). The BOB is made for emergency situations and should be packed to allow you to survive for at least 3 days on your own. Many preppers have BOBs that will sustain them for longer periods, though carrying more gear will be more difficult than a 3 day BOB. Often, it takes months to build up a BOB that's ideal for you, since collecting the right gear can be expensive...

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