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Top 10 Bug Out Bag Mistakes

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When making a bug out bag, people often try to pack everything but the kitchen sink, and then they forget the little things that actually make a difference.

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Survival Paracord Bracelet Kit - When SHTF

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When it comes to wearable survival gear, I don't think there is a single item this effective, that you can also take on a plane. The Survival Paracord Bracelet Kit is geared toward people who don't want to carry around a bunch of extra gear, but also don't want to be that guy who has to ball up into fetal position when the weather changes on a hike - because he was too stubborn to bring matches for a fire. It's light, it looks cool, and it can do crucial things if you're ever in an emergency. Let's take a look...

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5 Great Uses For Super Glue

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  Super Glue is an amazing product with several uses besides gluing things together.  Here are some great alternative uses you might find handy. First Aid Use Super Glue to seal a cut.  It is great for preventing an infection. Temporary Wood Mount Temporarily hold a Wood Mount in place to all free movement of you hand. Stopping Pulls in Sweaters and Other Clothing User Super Glue to keep that snag in your sweater from destroying it. This also works on beanies, jackets, leather and a variety of other fabric types. Repair Vinyl Upholstery Fix that cracked vinyl seat in...

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5 Ways to Catch Fish

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Fishing, whether it’s for sport or survival is one of the best ways to catch a meal.  There are several ways to catch a fish with or without a pole in a pinch.  Here are some of those ways. Native American Fish Trap Setting a Fish Trap is a tried and tested way to catch fish without a pole. PVC Survival Fishing Kit Make this PVC Fishing Kit just in case you forget your pole on your way out the door. Bank Lines A Bank Line is great for increasing your chances of catching multiple fish. Fishing Spear Create a...

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10 Items I Would Have On Hand In A Survival Situation

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Being prepared for a survival situation is a great idea for peace of mind.  It’s also very difficult because you never know when, where or what is going to happen.  Basically being prepared for a survival situation comes down to resourcefulness and ingenuity.  Here are some great ideas to help get you started on your own preparing agenda.  Firearms & Ammunition If you don’t know already how to shoot and handle a firearm safely you need to learn.  Not only can you hunt for food but you may just have to defend your life and or the lives of your...

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