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5 Great Uses For Super Glue

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  Super Glue is an amazing product with several uses besides gluing things together.  Here are some great alternative uses you might find handy. First Aid Use Super Glue to seal a cut.  It is great for preventing an infection. Temporary Wood Mount Temporarily hold a Wood Mount in place to all free movement of you hand. Stopping Pulls in Sweaters and Other Clothing User Super Glue to keep that snag in your sweater from destroying it. This also works on beanies, jackets, leather and a variety of other fabric types. Repair Vinyl Upholstery Fix that cracked vinyl seat in...

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The 5 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in America

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Summer is upon us and with great weather, comes great adventures.  If you are looking for a serious adrenaline rush, try checking out one of these five hiking trails that have been deemed the most dangerous in America.               The 5 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in America The Maze, Utah Located in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, The Maze is a minimum 3 hour drive from the nearest ranger station.  Thirty square miles of interconnecting canyons and high cliffs make it difficult to navigate, even for experienced hikers.  Experienced outdoorsman Aron Lee Ralston fell down...

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30 Survival Tips By Les Stroud

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Les Stroud is THE man when it comes to survival. Here are 30 great survival tips he has given which was posted by prepare4survival. 01* In cold or freezing conditions, the worst thing you can do is let yourself get sweaty. He constantly mentions that if you get sweaty, you should let the sweat dry (he mentions this tip in almost every episode). 02* Use a lens from a camcorder to start a fire (as if it is a Magnifying Glass) 03* Always carry a good multitool (eg. Leatherman Wave or Swiss Army Explorer Plus). 04* Break wood between two...

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