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10 Things To Hoard When The SHTF

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When the SHTF it's a good idea to have some things hoarded.  There are a lot of essential items that we take for granted in our everyday lives that we will not be able to get our hands on so easily when the SHTF. Mostly because they will be the first to leave the shelves from pillaging in a survival situation. The following items are usually first to leave the shelves when anything big happens (power outage, storm warning, wildfires.) Toilet Paper Toilet Paper will be one of the first things to disappear. It's luxury on your bum compared to...

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5 Great Uses For Super Glue

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  Super Glue is an amazing product with several uses besides gluing things together.  Here are some great alternative uses you might find handy. First Aid Use Super Glue to seal a cut.  It is great for preventing an infection. Temporary Wood Mount Temporarily hold a Wood Mount in place to all free movement of you hand. Stopping Pulls in Sweaters and Other Clothing User Super Glue to keep that snag in your sweater from destroying it. This also works on beanies, jackets, leather and a variety of other fabric types. Repair Vinyl Upholstery Fix that cracked vinyl seat in...

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Foods with Medicinal Properties

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Foods with Medicinal Properties “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates Allergy season is in full swing and so is bronchitis, sinus infections and sore throats.  If you are starting to feel ill, try a natural healing technique.  Modern science may not endorse the following foods as medicinal, but many of the following items have been used for hundreds or thousands of years to cure various ailments. Salt Salt can cure food, helping it last throughout the winter, and it is the foremost enhancer of flavoring food.  But this versatile seasoning has endless uses outside of...

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Budget Supplies You Will Need After a Natural Disaster

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Recently we published a book called "Budget Supplies You Will Need After a Natural Disaster" which describes the various supplies you will need, as well as methods for securing supplies, in the event of a natural disaster or in a SHTF scenario. Since it’s a Kindle book, there’s currently no way to add high resolution color photos to accompany the descriptions, so we’ve added them here on our blog. Rather than spending additional money on specialist and often expensive survival foods, such as dehydrated and emergency supplies, buy canned foods and dry mixes, many of which can be bought cheaply...

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