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The Paracord Survival Grenade Fishing Kit - 11 Tools In 1

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The Survival Grenade is an incredible lightweight survival gadget that can fit into the palm of your hand. Clamp it to your belt loop with the carabiner, put it in your pocket, or stuff it in your bug out bag. You won't notice the weight. Toting around an entire fishing kit every time you go hiking is more effort than it's worth, and that's why people love this tool. Here's a breakdown of what's inside the Paracord Survival Grenade Fishing Kit. Paracord, compass, carabiner, fire starter, cotton tinder, eye knife, fishing line, hooks, swivels, floaters, and sinkers. Paracord and Compass ...

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The 50 Survival Items That Will Disappear First

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In a SHTF situation, such as an economic collapse, these items will go fast. These items are all going to be top of the must find" items in people's minds as goods become scarce.  Some would consider these items as great items to barter with too. Here are the top items that will be hard to find (provided by Walmart and Target employees) 1. Generators (Good ones can be expensive. It can be a target for thieves due to the noise). 2. Clean Water. 3. Water Filters/Purifiers. Have you seen our new portable water filter bag? 4. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps. 5. Coleman...

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5 Ways to Make Tinder Fast

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In a survival situation having the ability to create a fire is essential.  You may have already packed some matches or a lighter in your bug out bag but they will not work without the proper fuel and tinder.  Here are some ideas on how to find or create some tinder to make a fire in a survival situation. Some of these make great additions to your bug out kit too. A Pencil Sharpener Use a Pencil Sharpener to create tinder shavings from a pencil size stick.  This way you will have an limitless supply of tinder. Plus pencil sharpeners...

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Budget Supplies You Will Need After a Natural Disaster

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Recently we published a book called "Budget Supplies You Will Need After a Natural Disaster" which describes the various supplies you will need, as well as methods for securing supplies, in the event of a natural disaster or in a SHTF scenario. Since it’s a Kindle book, there’s currently no way to add high resolution color photos to accompany the descriptions, so we’ve added them here on our blog. Rather than spending additional money on specialist and often expensive survival foods, such as dehydrated and emergency supplies, buy canned foods and dry mixes, many of which can be bought cheaply...

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The 8 Best Hikes in The USA

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Hiking in as vast a country as the USA varies enormously in terms of terrain, climate, required fitness and technical skill levels. Whether you're looking for a comfortable day's hiking or an extreme trek for survival experts, this diverse country has a lot to offer. As rated by Men's Health Magazine, here are 8 of the best hikes in the USA. 1. Mahoosuc Notch Trail, Maine Ditch the crowds in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and jump north a state to Maine’s Mahoosuc Range. “Mahoosuc is farther from Boston so it’s not as well known, but the hiking is more majestic...

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