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5 Easy Campfire Recipes

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One of the best parts about camping is the food.  Cooking food over a campfire or at a campsite is a great way to create memories.  Here are some recipes to try on your next camping trip.   Campfire Potatoes Try these Campfire Potatoes after a long day camping. Grilled Pasta Meal This Grilled Pasta Meal looks really delicious. Baked Apples Baked Apples are an easy and delicious dessert. Campfire Chili Cheese Fries MMMM.......Chili Cheese Fries! What a great recipe! Campfire Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich There's nothing like cooking up a Philly Cheesesteak while camping.

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Study Says Dirty Water Kills 1.6 People Every Year

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The average human, can last a month or more without eating. When it comes to water however, you'd be lucky to make it past 5 days.  Your body is made up of 60% water and you will drink over 180 gallons per year an.  When you're consuming a resource in those quantities, it's easy to forget just how important clean water is. Dirty Water Kills Yep, you heard that right. Over 1.6 million deaths each year can be attributed to dirty water in unsanitary conditions. That's a scary fact when the average American uses 100 gallons of drinkable water every...

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10 Camping Essentials

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Camping in the wild can be an exhilarating experience, though it can be made even more enjoyable if you are well prepared. Knowing what to pack will vary depending on where you're camping and for how long you plan to spend in the great outdoors. Whatever your intentions, remember that plans, including weather forecasts, can change quickly, and a casual one day camping trip could turn into an extreme survival situation. That's why it's important to pack camping essentials. According to the well-respected Seattle-based organization for climbers and outdoor adventurers, The Mountaineers, the following ten items are the most essential...

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The 7 Best Tree Tents

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If you enjoy camping AND sleeping in hammocks, have you ever thought of combining the two? Tree tents allow you to sleep suspended among the trees, further away from insects and predators and closer to our immediate ancestor, the ape. Tree tents come in all shapes and sizes according to your needs, and they offer a exhilarating way to enjoy forest camping above ground. 1. [easyazon_link identifier="B0054MQ11Q" locale="US" tag="survivalhax-20"]HAMMOCK BLISS SKY TENT 2[/easyazon_link] Pro: Lightweight Con: Minimal protection Double Decker: This is about as basic as it gets when it comes to suspended tree tents. Meant to cover one or...

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