6 Reasons To Add a Tactical Penlight To Your EDC Kit

A Tactical Penlight is more than a pen and more than just a light. It combines them both. If you add the word "tactical" to something you're going to need to have some survival or self-defense features included, otherwise it's just another penlight. 

If you're just looking for a ballpoint pen with an LED, you can skip this article. But if you want a pen with balls, I'll give you 6 reasons why you need to add a Tactical Penlight to Your EDC.

1. Find your keys when it's dark

Trying to find your car keys in the dark after you drop them can be a pain. It also makes you look vulnerable.  Fumbling around on the ground makes you a ripe target for someone trying to snatch a purse or wallet. This little LED will light up the area around your car door allowing you to see everything you may have dropped, and of course, that small keyhole.

2. Stun an attacker

If someone does approach you who may be up to no good, you may not want to start attacking right away. A quick flash of your pen light can stun someone long enough for you to get away. If you did have to stay and fight, the tungsten tip will send a fast, painful message to your assailant.

3. Signal for help

Some tactical flashlights have a strobe function built-in so that if you're ever stranded, you can signal someone for help. You can use the same method of strobe signaling with your pen. You will need to turn it on and off manually though.

4. Use as a rescue tool 

While most edc penlights don't have an emergency glass breaker, this one does. If you're trying to rescue someone who is trapped in a car, you can jab the kubotan in the center of their car window to get them out. Alternatively, if someone is stuck in a house and debris or water is blocking the entrance, the tip of this pen can break out double pane windows as well.

5. Start a fire

This is the only penlight that I know of that can also start fires.  Have something sharp? Great. Just scrape it against the firestarter and you'll get enough sparks to ignite a piece of tinder. 

6. Check someone's pupils

If you're working security or law enforcement you're going to have to check people's eyes from time to time. You can check someone's pupils with this LED and be able to tell if they're on any mind-altering substances.

Is a tactical pen a part of your EDC kit? If not, consider upgrading today.

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