The Only Tactical Pen You'll Ever Need

Each of our lives can be very unpredictable, whether it is a car crash or needing to defend yourself in a pinch, having a tactical pen can really come in handy. A tactical pen in its nature is multifunction, it's an upgrade for your everyday writing utensil that could save your life. 

We're happy to introduce to you guys our new Tactical LED Pen with Glassbreaker.

Length: 6”
Thickness: .5”
Exterior: Aviation aircraft aluminum
Blade Material:3CR13 steel
Weight: .1 lbs

Its size, shape and appearance is that of a typical pen and for daily use its function can be as well, but when you need to do more than that you're set. Choosing to carry this pen, is valuable to all, for more then one reason. Consider this, it's the middle of flu season, and you don't have a pen on you so you use the one all 400 other people have used that week, chances are you've come into contact with those germs, I mean that's a lot of hands. 


Always be prepared. We’ve added a knife to the tactical pen so you can cut loose threads off of your clothing, or cut up kindling if you’re in a survival situation.

A rounded Tungsten tip doubles as a glass breaker if you’re ever stuck in a vehicle, or you need to rescue someone. 

Additionally, the Survival Hax Pen has eliminated fumbling for your keys in the dark. The pen LED light will illuminate your door and keys. A great self defense gift for men or women. 

Self-defense can be made in several ways:

Avoiding places and dangerous situations is a good way to keep yourself away from unpleasant events in some cases.

Verbal self-defense is another recognized method of defusing a situation by using voice, tone and body language to calm the aggressor in the event of a conflict and to avoid direct attack. Conflict management can be learned in certain courses.

Physical self-defense is of two types:

  • Without using weapons, only techniques learned in martial arts courses
  • Using specific legal weapons for self-defense such as pepper spray or improvised at the moment, umbrellas, hair spray, baseball bat, tactical pens and others.


  • Use it like a stick or sword – Just because you don’t have a sword at hand, it doesn’t mean you cannot improvise one. Strike hard with your tactical pen and try to have a good grip. This strike can cause a lot of pain to your aggressor and make him stop. However, after you scared him it is best to run so you don’t get involved in a fight that you don’t desire. This can be a way for you to get out safe of an emergency situation.

    Use the pen like a knife – turn it upside down and jab your attacker. These little tools can easily break someone’s eyes if it reaches the right place. This strike should give you enough time to run away and escape from this dangerous situation.

Things to Consider When Carrying a Tactical Pen

The name of this tool includes the word “tactical” so it is supposed that you bought it knowing it was a weapon. Even though they are not illegal, in case something happens and you get yourself involved in a trial, the lawyers may say that you purchased the pen with the intention of using it. This is not an argument that could be made if you defended yourself with a plastic pen. This is one thing you must pay attention to when deciding to buy a tactical pen.

Another thing to consider is whether you can or cannot carry this tool in an airplane. There are three scenarios here:

  • Nobody sees it and you pass through the boarding gates
  • The controllers find it and take it away from you
  • You get arrested for trying to bring a weapon in a commercial airplane

After three weeks, this pen is ranked as the #1 new release on Amazon under Personal Self Defense.  


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Sources: Survival Mastery

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