11 Survival Uses For PVC Pipe

PVC is abundant and cheap. That's why it's good to know just how many DIY survival projects you can complete when you have this laying around.

Now, there are better ways to make all of the things in this video, but if you don't have anything, it's good to know you can improvise with some Do it Yourself skills.

Here are 11 Survival Uses For PVC Pipe

1. Create a Survival Kit 

You can make a custom size survival kit or survival cache that you hide underground, in your vehicle, or and easy to grab location when it's time to get up and go.

2. Firewood Carrying Device

If you've got paracord, or can make some rope, you can tie it to both ends of your PVC pipe and you'll have yourself a lumber holder.

The more wood you put in, the better it will balance and you'll be able to carry a lot more wood than you could with just your hands.

3. Bow and Arrow

For a step by step demo on how to make a PVC bow, check out this article on DIY weapons.

By adding fiberglass rods or highway reflectors (don't steal these please) you can make a very strong bow.

4. Arrow Quiver

What good is a bow if you can't carry any ammo?

By adding Paracord, a lid, and two holes, you can easily make a shoulder quiver for your arrows. 

5. Handheld Spear or Dagger

If you cut a piece of PVC at an angle you can then sharpen the edge of your pipe into a dangerous dagger for self defense.

You can choose to make it longer and have a hunting spear as well.

6.  Makeshift Canteen

Waterproof and close one side of PVC Pipe, then add a threaded cap to the other end and you'll have a canteen. 

Remember to use adhesive so you don't end up with a leaky canteen.

7. Cold Pack For Your Cooler

Using the same method you used to make a canteen, add an additional cap to your pipe once you fill it up with water. 

Then stick the water filled PVC in the freezer and you will have a frozen block of ice to keep your food cold.

8. Fishing Kit and Fishing Pole

With some innovation you can add floats, fishing line, and hooks to a piece of pipe for an easy-to-make fishing pole and fishing kit.

9. Periscope

With an elbow and a small mirror attached you can created a periscope.

This is good in case you're in a situation where you don't want to be seen but need to check to see if the coast is clear.

10. Storage or Water Container for Your Bike

With a couple of zip ties you can easily make a hands free storage container or canteen that attaches to the frame of your bug out bike.

11. Clamps

If you forgot to pack tarp clamps or need to hang something, you can easily make some clamps using a couple of sticks. 

Split the pipe right down the middle and drill two holes on each side for your sticks to go through.

Check out the rest of Sensible Prepper's Survival Hacks in his video.


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  • Franklin Barker on

    You can use pvc for walking sticks with survival kit storage and combine the bow aspects making it a sling bow with one end having a slingshot end modified to take an arrow like a spear gun. It is a lot easier to aim than a traditional bow.

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